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May 29, 2012



I think perhaps you're confused about what you were raised to believe. The proposition that "truth is universal," which is surely what you're referring to when you talk about how you were raised, is an entirely different proposition than "there are NOT many different sources of truth," which is what you're interpreting your formative years as having taught you. Thus you make it sound like the two are incompatible, when they're not. "Truth is universal" is perfectly compatible with "there are many different sources of truth." The latter in NO way implies that truth is different from person to person; a proposition which is self-referentially incoherent. After all, is it true for ME, or true for YOU, that truth is different for different people. If it's only true for you, then it could make no sense to tell anyone. If it is true for everyone, then the statement itself is contradicted.

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