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January 24, 2008


John D. Thomas

It is not unusual to call many shippers and get set up with just a few. Like any service business, only a small percentage will actually become your clients.

If you have 30 signed up now - that's where you really want to focus 50% of your time now. The other 50% should be to continue calling shippers.

When I started my accounting practice many years ago, a marketing pro told me it would take seven years to get established. It won't take seven years to establish your broker business, but it surely won't be done in just several months.

Start calling for loads from those who you are set up with and keep calling other shippers. Gradually, you will see your business grow.


Hi John, i called about a million companies and only got set up with about 30 so i was wondering if that is normal...? most of them tell me they are either customer routed or they work with a third party logistics and are not interested. now.. it would be nice if you could explain to me what that means or how do i get to those customers.. is there more websites for shippers because im kind of lost here ( thomasnet ) i really dont know what to search for anymore.
is this time of the year always this slow for loads?

Edin Ajeti

Hi ATEX FREIGHT BROKERS, i would like to leave a good feedback for John and Ivonne who trained me to become a freight broker just last month, i started working last week and I am already set up with 10 shippers, today ( 1-25-08 ) i sold my first load. its not that easy finding shippers but it all depends how much you like and want to do this job. anyway im glad i picked atex freight broker training. THANKS A LOT JOHN AND EVERYONE ELSE ;)

PS: to John . i found a website where shippers and post their own loads which makes it easier for us starters to start working its not to expensive only $30/mo if you would like me to send you the website so you can put it in your e-book or offer it in your training please contact me at


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