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January 14, 2008


John D. Thomas

In my opinion, you would have to move about 27 loads per month or a little over 6 loads per week before your split went from 50/50 to 60/40.

This is assuming a total gross profit of about $150 per load - which is reasonable but entirely dependent on a number of factors.

I suppose some companies would negotiate - that's an individual matter.

So, yes, the company would be earning about $2,000 per month from your moving about 27 loads.

Are you saying that you think this would be paying them too much? I did not fully understand your last comment.


Hi John,
I was wondering...I am considering starting to work with a "new" company that is willing to train me at no expense. There is a contract with 50/50% cut and after a $2000.00 profit margin in a month they offer a 60/40% cut. Does this sound logical and are most companies willing to negotiate on this point. Seems like alot of $$ for them to do the paperwork and hold the bonds and licenses. Would appreciate your input and could you email me directly to my email your comments. Appreciate it! Thanks!

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